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Here's A List Of Website's Destroying The Internet

The Internet has become so inundated with b*llshit that it's increasingly difficult for users to discern which articles are real and which are fake. Some are even arguing that the abundance of "click-bait" articles floating around assisted in president-elect Donald Trump's victory. Click-bait is described as "content, especially that of a sensational or [...]

iOS 8: What You Need To Know

Apple just unveiled their new mobile operating system at this morning's developer conference in San Francisco. Apple CEO Tim Cook was on hand to talk about some of the features for iOS 8, including health monitoring, the ability to start and finish emails and texts on different devices and family sharing. Below are some of the bullet points from this morning[...]

The Most Epic Selfie Ever Taken?

We're not willing to retract our stance on men taking selfies, but if there ever was an exception to the rule, Lee Thomson just established it. The photographer and founder of The Flash Pack got permission from Brazil's tourist board to climb Rio de Janeiro's Christ the Redeemer statue with GoPro cameras to capture this epic selfie. "As I popped my head[...]

Exclusive: Nigel Barker's Tips For Photographers

Thanks to the declining prices of professional DSLR cameras, everyone thinks they're the second-coming of Ansel Adams. Throw in high resolution cameras on smartphones, apps like VSCOcam and Instagram, and everyone is basically ... well, Ansel Adams. Still, there are ways to separate yourself from the folks that post pictures of flowers against white walls wi[...]

What To Do After You Get A Match On Tinder

Tinder is a godsend for any decent looking 20-something living in a metropolitan area. It sadly feeds into our generations horrible needs by allowing us to be superficial and judgmental but at the same time avoid awkward social contact and recieve instant gratification with the swipe of a finger. A lot of guys don’t know what to do once they get a match a[...]

Must Have Items: Boom Phones

Let them hear you before they see you. If you've ever wished you could transform your headphones into a portable speaker system, you might want to second guess dropping $300 for a pair of Beats and consider picking up a pair of Boom Phones. It's no secret that the urban headphones landscape is a crowded one thanks to Monster, Beats, SMS and Soul, but none of[...]