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New To Netflix In May

It's spring, but chances are some of you will still waste the season browsing Netflix on your Sony BRAVIA. Being added in May to that ever-growing list of films you'll probably never watch are a couple of gems: Christoph Waltz and Brad Pitt's Inglourious Basterds and Michael B. Jordan's Fruitvale Station. For the snarky traveler, Season Four of Anthony Bo[...]

Watch Godzilla In Eight Minutes Or Less

If you're like me, you probably fell asleep waiting to see Godzilla make an appearance in the summer blockbuster that shares his name. Thankfully, neither of us has to drop a $1.49 on that Redbox Blu-Ray to see the lizard's eight minutes of screen time. Send your love to the film nerd that spent his life editing all the scenes featuring Godzilla's into the f[...]