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Five Paint Colors To Freshen Up Your Man Cave

A quick way to freshen up your man cave is to throw some paint on those boring Eggshell walls. But if you've been to Home Depot recently and visited the paint section, you were probably overwhelmed by the 17,326 different color options you have to choose from. Maybe we're exaggerating with that number, but the point is making a selection can be difficult wit[...]

Exclusive: Nigel Barker On Finding "The One"

Finding "The One" is almost as hard as finding the clitoris for some guys. There's no definitive way to determine if the girl you're crushing on might be the lady you grow old with, but Nigel Barker thinks you can tell a lot about a woman based on her response to your pickup lines. Nigel recounted meeting his wife for the first time in Milan with an arm full[...]

Things Women Wish You Knew About Sex

No man wants to be a mediocre lover, therefore fellas should always be looking for ways to improve their sex game. Unfortunately, a lot of us think we're slaying it in the bedroom when in reality we're not. Thankfully, TheUrbanQuo tracked down nine women to divulge some things they wish men knew about sex. The road to providing your girl with the Greek God p[...]

Five Fashion Tips To Get You Right For The Summer

June 21 will be here before you know it and we want to make sure your gear is on point before the start of summer, even if your pockets are not. Ashley Sean Thomas, celebrity stylist for Ray Allen, Ian Somerhalder and Jesse Williams, recently provided us with a few tips to pass along to help you get your closet in order. 1. Affordable Looks For Under $100 A [...]

How Often Should You Wash Your Jeans?

There is no faster way to fuck up a pair of denim than washing them frequently. Washing machines and jeans are far from soul mates, but just how often should you wash them? It's an open-ended debate, but according to a couple of top industry folks, less often than you might think. "I never wash my Levi's. They'll fall apart. I love them broken in," Americ[...]

So Just How Many People Has She Slept With?

When you're dating a new chick, there are certain topics you want to steer clear of, and how many men or women she's been with is one of them. That being said, there are some of you who just can't leave well enough alone and need answers. We at TheUrbanQuo hate to piss on your parade, even after downing a couple pints of Guiness on St. Patrick's Day, but [...]