buy Gabapentin australia Rick Ross just dropped a new single channeling the entrepreneurial spirit of the trapper turned businessman. The track titled, “Buy Back The Block,” features Gucci Mane and 2 Chainz and champions Black owned businesses. Ross, who owns at least nine Wingstops, uses his verse to discuss the benefits of being a franchisee. “It’s time to clean up the ghetto, a dope boy wanna shine / Time to buy back the block, talking one brick at a time / I sold a few records, I bought me a Checkers / Wingstop well invested so Taco Bell left for breakfast / I seen a few M’s, it’s time to touch that 100 / So let’s put up this money and let’s go half on the Sonics / Yes I feed lemon pepper, angel wings with the feathers / If you feel like I feel, I pray you live rich forever / Okay, let’s buy back the block, I might buy me a Wendy’s
Just to pull up on skinnies every Tuesday and Wednesdays / I might buy me 10 Denny’s, I might buy Family Dollar.”

Chainz and Gucci rap in along a similar vein, referencing their real estate acquisitions across the U.S.

betnovate c buy online Take a listen below to”Buy Back The Block” below.