can i buy gabapentin online If counting to 100 isn’t helping you combat those premature ejaculation issues, you may want to try Botox.

click Researchers at Tulane University in New Orleans injected male rats with the drug to see if it improved their stamina during sex. Results revealed that the rats lasted much longer after they were injected with the drug than before the injection. Now a two-year trial on 60 human volunteers is underway to see if Botox can help those suffering from premature ejaculation overcome the condition. The brave volunteers will have the drug injected in to a muscle at the end of their penis, which just sounds more painful than it’s worth. Still, we guess Dave Chappelle was onto something.

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One in four men suffer from premature ejaculation. According to the National Health Services Choices website, a man who regularly ejaculates within one minute has a medical problem that requires treatment.

Botox is also being used to combat a host of other illnesses according to The Wall Street JournalBotox has received (or will soon receive) FDA approval for a whole host of surprising uses like:

• Chronic migraines.

• Juvenile cerebral palsy.

• Depression.

• Strabismus (crossed eyes).

• Blepharospasm (eyelid spasms).

• Upper-limb spasticity.

• Osteoartritis pain (joint pain).

• Severe underarm sweating.

• Urinary incontinence.

• Overactive bladder.

Botox! Who knew?