buy modafinil from canada Ever since Facebook was founded in 2004, the question “Should I post my relationship status on Facebook?” has puzzled the male species to the point of utter confusion.

source link There are many reasons that a man would post his relationship status for the world to see including being madly in love, pressured into doing it by their significant other, or looking to get attention. The fact of the matter is that the health of your relationship has nothing to do with Facebook and in some cases, putting yourself out there on social media early in your relationship could be very detrimental.

buy prednisone for cats online “Facebook is like a room in your house that everyone can see into. You can work out in there, eat dinner in there, or even play with your kids in there, but it is no place for your love life,” James, 31, from Seattle tells TheUrbanQuo.

Justin, a 30-year-old soon-to-be-married real estate agent from the Midwest says relationship status’ shouldn’t be made until after you have made the long walk down the isle:

“[It’s ok] Once you’ve moved in with each other or put a ring on her finger. Comments and statuses are often taken out of context and can cause serious problems within your relationship. Keep it old school and off the book.”

David, 27, says that while changing your relationship status early on in the relationship might be a bad idea, there is nothing wrong with posting a couple of statuses or pictures early on that show your significant other that you are in to them enough to let the world know. But when it comes to anything that has to do with drama, break ups or fights leave it off the web,

“Facebook is a permanent record of your life, brand, and image. When you post about negative things that take place in your relationship, you allow an unfathomable amount of people access into a space that should be reserved for your partner, confidants, and a higher power. Then when you decide to stick it out and work it out with that person, Everyone has the room to judge you based on what you previously posted.”

We at UrbanQuo have created this simple way of deciding whether you should post your relationship of Facebook for the world to see.


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