get link No man wants to be a mediocre lover, therefore fellas should always be looking for ways to improve their sex game. Unfortunately, a lot of us think we’re slaying it in the bedroom when in reality we’re not. Thankfully, TheUrbanQuo tracked down nine women to divulge some things they wish men knew about sex. The road to providing your girl with the Greek God performance that she deserves starts with the following wisdom:

Elizabeth, 29

1200 mg neurontin “Foreplay is almost more important than the act. We live for the build up and anticipation. Attention to us makes us feel special, like you care about it being THE BEST. Attention to details fellas.”

Jennifer, 35

source link “When we are on top, a little support on the bottom is more comfortable. It Helps us ride it better. Lift your knees up some and support our bum. Don’t just lay there all flat on your back. It’s a challenging position.”

Beth, 31

“We can feel when you are being selfish in bed and it makes us far less able to get in the ‘giving’ mood.”

Anonymous, 29

“One of our favorite things is watching you climax and knowing that we did that.”

Kelley, 31

“The best way to stimulate us is through our minds and not our clits. I get way more turned on by intellect. I get wet sometimes.”

Kristin, 30

“Just because a woman has sex with you doesn’t mean she wants to date you. I think it’s a common misconception men have and that’s why they have a flight response if they aren’t looking for something serious.”

Ann, 33

“Slow down. Make her wait for it. I think most guys get excited and want to just jump into sex. The sex will be OK, but if they waited it out and drove her crazy, she would most likely be more open to doing funner things in bed. Tease her, make her really want it, but then right on the brink of it all, say ‘not yet.'”

Jennifer, 25

“I’d say it’s all in the details. Feeling wanted is essential, meaning your hands are there for a reason so use them. Not necessarily on my pussy since nine times out of ten a man can’t find your sex spot, but all over the body is hot.”

Alexis, 33

“Women fake it when the sex is is crap so it’s over quicker. I just cannot be bothered to ‘educate’ someone who’s terrible in bed in their thirties. Cut and run.”

Equipped with that knowledge, we leave you with this last little bit of advice from Jesse, “We all want anal.” And there you have it.

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