†http:/ June 21 will be here before you know it and we want to make sure your gear is on point before the start of summer, even if your pockets are not. Ashley Sean Thomas, celebrity stylist for Ray Allen, Ian Somerhalder and Jesse Williams, recently provided us with a few tips to pass along to help you get your closet in order.

1. Affordable Looks For Under $100

neurontin and methadone A chill look you can pull-off easy would be something out of like H&M, Express, Top Shop … you can go in there and get a cool Henley, some great jeans and some fly loafers and you’re good.

2. Summer Wardrobe Essential

follow site One piece of wardrobe for summer is a great white short sleeve button up.

S.Oliver Spring/Summer 2014

S.Oliver Spring/Summer 2014

3. To Flip-Flop Or Not?

No flip-flops in the summer unless you’re going to the mailbox. If you don’t want to do flip-flops, loafers are a good option.


4. Best Summer Colors

Salmon, aqua and white is always good. Black, even in summer time is cool.

5. Summer No-Nos

You should not wear flip-flops in the summer. Short-shorts. I hate men in short-shorts. And don’t drive with your shirt off.

Keep your shorts traditional like these by Marks & Spencer.

Keep your shorts traditional like these by Marks & Spencer.

6.Best Advice

Tailor! Always have a good tailor, all year round.